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Tuition fees and living cost in Romania

Student tuition fees in Romania

University tuition fees in Romania for most programmes vary from 2000 to 5000 Euro/ year, depending on the faculty, the origin of international student, and can even change every year  for new students.

Students who need visa must pay the tuition fee in one instalment before visa application for the first year and every year from the second year.  For students who do not need Romanian student visa, they can pay in one (once a year), two (per semester) or tree (trimester) instalments.

MinimumTuition fees in Romania


Field of Study Undergraduate,
Master (Euro/year)

Post-graduate, Ph.D,

Doctorate (Euro/year)

Romanian Language course  1980 - 2700  1980 - 2700
Technics, Agronomy,
Science, Mathematics and  Sports
 2430 - 2700    *  2610 - 2900     *
Architecture  3150 - 3500            3330 - 3700
Social studies, Psychology,  Economy  1980 - 2200  2160 - 2400
Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy,
veterinary medicine etc.
 3200 - 5000     *  3800 - 7000      *
Music and arts  3780 - 4200  3960 - 4400
Musical interpretation, Theatre  6750 - 7500   6930 - 7700
Film  8550 - 9500   8730 - 9700



  • Veterinary medicine in English: Bachelor program: 4500 Euros/year, Master: 5000 Euros/year, Doctorate and post doctorate: 6000 Euros/year;
  • Agriculture in French: Bachelor program: 3000 Euros/year, Master: 4000 Euros/year, Doctorate and post doctorate: 5000 Euros/year;
  • Tuition fees for undergraduate medical (medicine, Dentistry, pharmacy,etc.) studies in Romania: vary from 3200  to 5000 Euro/ year.
  • Tuition fees for medicals specialisation (postgraduate) in Romania: vary between 3800 to 7000 Euros/year depending on universities and specialisations for non EU, EEA and CH students. The EU, EEA and CH students do not pays any tuition fee for postgraduate studies or specialisation, but they must pass entree exam in order to get in.


Student Living cost in Romania

Student living cost in Romania is not so expensive compared to other European countries, but the monthly amount can vary depending on the lifestyle of each international student. Nevertheless, with 300 to  500 EURO/ month, an international student can live very comfortably and enjoy affordable University education in Romania.

Bellow are approximate student living  cost in Romania :

  • Student hostel: 650 Euro/month (3 person/room!),
  • Private apartment:150 – 300 Euro/month,
  • Food:150 – 200 Euros,
  • Clothes: you must take in account that you need at least winter and summer clothes, 
  • Medical insurance: 10 Euro/ month (26 year or less students do not paid assures. It is include in their tuition fee),
  • Internet: 15 Euros,
  • Transport:40 Euros,
  • Taxi: approximately 0.32 Euro/km;
  • Sandwich: 2 Euro;

For more specific information, fill free  to visit Studing In Romania Giude or univetsity  you are interseted in!







University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Iasi, Timisoara, Constanta, Bucharest, Arad, Oradea, Sibiu, Craiova, etc. in Romania.
Medecine, Dentistry and Pharmacy: English and French programs.

Tuition fees: 3200 to 5000/year, admission without exam!


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English programs :

T. fees: 6000 to 8000 Euro /year!


 Medicine in Romania!

Programs in English:

Programs in French:

Tuition fee:

  5000 to 6000 Euros / year!


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veterinary medicine in romania veterinary medicine abroad Study medicine abroad Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Postgraduate Medical Study University of Arad University of Medicine Iasi Student accommodation in Romania