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The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Oradea also called Oradea medical university (Oradea medical school) is one of 15 faculties of Oradea University.  Founded in 1991, today, the faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Oradea provides undergraduate and postgraduate medical studies in English and Romanian. Admission to medical studies in Oradea is by entrance exam for EU/EEA students and by application document selection for non-EU/EEA students.


University of medicine Oradea: Oradea faculty of medicine and pharmacy

Oradea medical university   or medical faculty (Oradea faculty of medicine and pharmacy) is one of the best universities of Medicine in Europe with long tradition of teaching international students.  The faculty has programs in English and in Romanian language.  The education at Oradea faculty of medicine and pharmacy comprises the undergraduate and postgraduate, short and long, in English or Romanian medical studies.  The University of Oradea is accredited by Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and   the diplomas are recognized in all European Union/ European Economic Area and beyond.

Oradea Medical University: Medium of studies

Romanian language
Candidates who do not speak Romanian can apply for studies into Romanian provided they take a preparatory language course one year before enrolment. At the end of the preparatory year, the candidates will acquire a Romanian language certificate.
Prospective medical students with good knowledge of Romanian language can seat for Romanian language test and get Romanian language certificate.

Candidates choosing specializations taught in English will have to pass an interview before the entrance exam depending on the faculty chosen by the candidate.

Oradea faculty of medicine and pharmacy

  • General medicine: 6-year program, available in English and in Romanian;
  • Dentistry:  6-year program, available in English and in Romanian;
  • Pharmacy: 5-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Nursing 4-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: 3-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Radiology and Imaging: 3-year program, available in Romanian;
  • Technician in dentistry: 3-year program, available in Romanian;

The clinical courses are taking place in the Bihor County Hospital, the Municipality Hospital and the Pelican Hospital.

Oradea Medical University: Entrance exam

The admission to medical study into University of Oradea is by entrance exam. For the admission to general medicine in English, the entrance exam is Biology and Chemistry of high school level.
The prospective candidates coming from non-English speaking countries and do not have international recognized certificate or have never studied in English at least 2 years must seat also for English test which is eliminatory.
The entrance exam is a multiple choice in Biology or Chemistry. The candidate will have to choose one subject out of the two.

Entrance exam topics for general medicine and dentistry:

1. The cell
2. The cellular tissue
3. Nervous System
4. Analysers
5. Endocrine glands
6. Bone system
7. Joints/Articulations
8. Muscular system
9. Digestion and absorption
10. Circulation
11. Respiration
12. Excretion
13. Metabolism
14. Reproduction System
15. Pregnancy and birth
16. Organic Structure

1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry
2. Hydrocarbons
3. Organic sources of energy and raw materials
4. Mono-functional organic compounds
5. Organic compounds of biological importance
6. Natural and synthesis compounds of practical importance
7. Organic compounds reaction types


Oradea Medical University Admission

Oradea Medical University Admission procedure differs with the origin of the student:  European Union / European Economic Area (EU/EEA) students after receiving the Ministry of Education certificate giving them the right to pursue high education in Romania, they must seat for entrance exam of biology and chemistry.  Non-EU/EEA students must get acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education and are exempted from entrance exam.
For Oradea Medical University Admission  in English module, students  have a good command of English or Romanian (depending on medium of study).  Students who speak English but do not have official International  recognized certificate  can be admit on condition the pass English test at Oradea  medical University. Those from English speaking countries or who have bean studding in English at least 2 years are exempted   from English test.
Prior to Oradea Medical University Admission, international students must apply for admission.

Oradea Medical University: Aplication documents for non-EU/EEA students

1. Application form for the issuance of the acceptance letter for studies in 2 samples;
2. Application form for the university
3. Diploma of High School or Bachelor for Master applicants:
• Copies authenticated by a notary public if the documents are in English, French, Italian or Spanish-2 copies
• Translations into Romanian authenticated by a notary public and photocopies of original documents, if the original is in a language other than those mentioned above - 2 copies
4. Birth certificate:
-authenticated copy by a public notary 2 copies if the documents are in English, French, Italian or Spanish
-Translations into Romanian authenticated by a notary public and photocopies of original documents, if the original is in another language other than those mentioned above - 2 copies
5. Copy of passport - 2 copies (Photocopies of identity cards are not accepted);
6.Medical certificate in English or French, to prove that the applicant does not suffer from contagious diseases or other illnesses incompatible with the    future profession) - 2 copies
7. Two passport photos (3/4 cm);
8. Confirmation of payment for non-refundable processing file fee of 150 euro into the Bank account of the University;
9. A self-addressed envelope containing the exact address (family name, first name, city/town, street, number, postal code, country);


Today, University of Oradea has great researchers, and good professors, many of which are members of the Medical Scientific Academy in Europe. University of Oradea is recognized by WHO, Great Britain Medical Council, Medical Council of Canada, American board of Medicine, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, South African medical Council, Indian Medical Council, Nigerian Medical Council, Malaysia Medical Council, South American Medical Councils and many other Medical and Dental Councils all over the world.

Oradea University faculties

  • Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy;
  • Faculty of Architecture and Constructions;
  • Faculty of Economics;
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (formerly;
  • Faculty of Electro technics and Information Technology);
  • Faculty of Energy Engineering;
  • Faculty of Environmental Protection;
  • Faculty of Fine Arts;
  • Faculty of History and Geography;
  • Faculty of Law and Jurisprudence;
  • Faculty of Letters;
  • Faculty of Management and Technological Engineering;;
  • Faculty of Orthodox Theology;
  • Faculty of Science;
  • Faculty of Social Humanistic Sciences;


*Oradea medical university: It is one of the 15 faculties of Oradea University and not university, but outside of Romania, is commonly known as University.







University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Iasi, Timisoara, Constanta, Bucharest, Arad, Oradea, Sibiu, Craiova, etc. in Romania.
Medecine, Dentistry and Pharmacy: English and French programs.

Tuition fees: 3200 to 5000/year, admission without exam!


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