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Romanian language courses: preparatory year

Romanian language courses or Romanian preparatory courses for further university or post university studies in Romania are Romanian study program for year. During Romanian preparatory year, students learn Romanian and subjects related to further university study option.  Romanian language classes are organised in deferent universities within especially dedicated department or specialised universities.

Except being official and national language in Romania and Moldova, Romanian language is spoken almost all over the world thanks to thousands and thousands of international students graduated from Romania. It is a Latin language like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. and easy to learn.  

Who can learn Romanian language?

  • Students who would like to follow study in Romania in Romanian language:  You can study in Romania in English, French or even Germany language.  If the specialty you are interested in do not exist in those language but in Romanian, you must follow one year program of Romanian course.  For instance even if you can study general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy in English or French in Romania, Midwifes - 240 ECTS, Nurses - 240 ECTS, Medical Imagery - 180 ECTS, dental techniques-180 ECTS, assistance dental hygiene-180 ECTS, Kinetotherapy, etc. are done  only in Romanian language;
  • Students applying  to postgraduate programs in medicine (Specialization and Master) are given only in Romanian;

  • Medical students (general medicine, dentistry and, pharmacy) in French or in English language: during the first three years, along with medical studies, they  learn also  Romanian language so  once arrived in 4th year, they are able to  speak fluently Romanian. From the 4th year, all students have to speak Romanian language for practical reason (communication with patients);

  • Citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, who would like to benefit of financial assistant from Romanian Government. Thy must learn Romanian language because most of entrance exams are done in national language;

  • Student who would like to study in Romanian language in Romania;


Program of Romanian language courses

The Romanian preparatory year to study in Romania (university study)  also called Romanian language course is divided into 2 semesters. During the first semester, the students study Romanian language. During the second semester, they study not only Romanian language, but also subjects’ relatives to their option (study) they will follow at university.
For instance, for students who are going to study medicine in Romanian language, during the preparatory year, they will have also subject such us biology, chemistry, biophysics, etc.


Application and admission to Romanian language courses

Student who would like to study in Romania in Romanian language, must apply for the study he would like to follow in Romania.  At the same time, he has to specify the medium (language) of study he would like to use and that he would like fist to learn Romanian language.

Even if preparatory year is one year course for undergraduate students, for Post graduate study, a period of six months can be enough for Romanian course.
Practically, in Romania all courses start between 15 of September and 15 of October of every year. So better to apply by the beginning Augost.

Are you asking yourself how to learn Romanian language so you can start university studies in Romania?  Please visit Admission requirements and procedure in Romania and then/or you  contact Studying in Romania Guide.



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