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Student accommodation in Romania
A variety of student housing options in Romania, including student residence in student campus or residency halls, private student residence, private apartments, room or personal apartments are affordable. The monthly rent depends on the live style of each student.  It is possible to find from state-of-the-arts student accommodation to tradition student housing in student campus.
Student accommodation in different Romanian cities are affordable accessible for most of international students. The cheapest remain the student housing in student campus or hostel. Sharing private apartments are also a good option for students who want to minimize their expenses and stay with flat mates as family. Each student in general has his private room and living room, kitchen, toilettes etc. in common with his/her flat mate (s). 
Student accommodation in the student campus does not have any meal plans for residents.  Students prepare themselves foods or eat in restaurants in nearby. Fast foods like McDonalds, Springtime, and others specialties are located at every corner and are cheap.  
Prices may stately vary from city to city and depend on the period of year. As rule, it easy to get affordable and well located accommodation in the summer than in September – October, when all students are back from vacation.  Cities with international student housing impact on residence’s market are those with  large number universities such us Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Iasi,  Timisoara, Arad, Oradea, Constanta, Craiova, etc.
How to get a student accommodation in Romania?

In Romania, the best way to get a private apartment is to contact real estate agencies. They provide with information about the most interesting offers of accommodation on the market and can get apartment within one week (2 -3 days are in general enough) taking in account on student requirements. You may be asked to sign a contract with them in which you agree to pay a commission fee, usually 50% of one month rent.
It is also to find a private flat by specialized classified advertisements in newspapers or websites and directly contact the owner of the accommodation even if some real estate agencies also put their advertisements.
To get student room or apartment in student campus, student must make a request to his university administration. To get student flat, room or studio in a private student residence, the request must be done to the administration of each private student residence.
It is imperative to sign a contract with the landlord and this should be registered at the Financial Administration. This contract is because is required in order to apply for the temporary residence permit to territorial immigration office.
Prices of student accommodation in Romania
Prices for room in student campus vary from university to university accommodation and range between 20 to 30 euros/month/ bed for a tree bed room. For two beds room, the monthly rent is around 50 Euros and can vary from different student residence halls. Even if priority is given to local (Romanian), International ERASMUS and international with Romanian scholarship students, self-financing students get a place in most student residence halls of some universities with more student accommodations.  
Note that most international students prefer private student apartments (accommodation) to student housing in student campus. This is because in general, in many cases it is not possible to get an own room in student residence halls and most of that, the private accommodation in Romanian remain very accessible and affordable for more of them.
The monthly rent for student room, studio or apartment in private student residences vary from 100 Euros (2 bed room) to 350 Euros/month for two room apartment.  
Prices for rent apartment per months: as private student residence, private apartments outside of student residence are also affordable for most of international students, especially those from occidental countries or North America. 
The monthly price’s rent for a two room apartment is between 200 and 450 Euros/month, varying within different cities, the area in town (inner town or at the end of the town, closer to university or not), quality of the accommodation (new building, furniture and its quality).
In Romania, all utilities (water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc.) are paid monthly separately. A deposit representing the rent for the first three months is usually required. It is refunded at the end of your stay, provided that you leave the flat in good condition.
To reduce the rent’s expenses for private housing, students have 3 options:

Shared apartments are one of the best ways to cut down the housing expenses and at the same time to avoid staying alone in foreign country especially for new students.  An apartment of 3 rooms fits 2 or 3 students, each having his room.  Therefore, expenses of 100 to 150 Euros monthly (all expenses included: for water, electricity,) can be enough for each student for a word class accommodation.

Accommodation payment in advance:  in Romanian, the person who is able to pay in advance for 3, 6 or even one year the rent of apartment can discuss and get drastically reduction on his monthly rent. As example, Westgate studio hostel in Bucharest, students pay 200 Euros/month/ room (if they can pay for one year) and 270 Euros/month (in case they decide to pay for 6 months).

Price to buy apartment Price: it happen that some parents decide to buy apartments for their children instead of paying rent monthly. This is common for parents of medical students who actually come for a period at least of 6 years.  Taking in account that apartment are very affordable, they make a good deal because in general at the end of the education of their children, resell the apartment almost at the same price.


Which student accommodation to choose in Romania?
Student Hostel in Student campus: Traditional student housing
All Romanian universities have student hostels; however, the priority is given to Romanian students who come from other cities and towns, international student with Romanian scholarships and ERASMUS students. The student rooms in student campus in most university cities are affordable and in most cases include central heating, cable TV, internet,  shared furnished lichen and shower/bath,.
 If places remain, then they can be given to those students who finance their studies.  Some universities with enough student hostels grant places to all international students but most international students prefer private housing. In fact, in much case, even if the student hostel is confortable for students, rooms are shared at least by 2 students and most students prefer to stay on their own.
Private Student Residences or Hostels
Some companies have invested in student hostel recently. In the cities with many universities, they are private student residences or hostels, more comfortable, Clean,  modern, friendly student accommodation situated in the heart of student areas, with individual room (studio) or flats, fully furnished and with high standard, affordable and secure environment. 
Given their world class quality of live, places remain insufficient and usually only those who apply earlier. 
Private student residences or hostels are ideal accommodation especially for new international students who need to stay within other students and in the calm and secure environment. The offer remains under the high demand of both national and international students and private accommodation (flat, room) is the only solution for most students.
Private Flat or Room
In most cities in Romania, International students have only private apartment or room as housing option.                                                              
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Student accommodation in student residence, hostel, flat, room in Iasi, Clue, Constanta, Timisoara, Arad, Bucharest, Craiova, Oradea in Romania for international students are affordable.


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