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 Education in Romania

Structure of university education in Romania

The education in Romania is made up of  public and private institutions and is organized in levels for the coherence and continuity of education.

Currently, in Romania there are more than:

  • 56 higher education institutions accredited (49 civilian institutions of higher education in state universities and 7 military)
  • 26 private institutions of higher education accredited
  • 6 graduate schools.

Education in Romania: three cycles:

  • Bachelor studies  with length depending on the specialty:

      6 semesters (3 years) for sciences, humanities, social and economic, law, political science, fine arts and sport;

    8 semesters (4 years) for technological sciences, engineering, technical Ingenerie, agriculture and forestry;

    12 semesters (six years) for general medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and architecture.

  • University studies of master: 2 years.
  • Postgraduate doctoral studies (PhD): 3-4 years, which can be organized (except medical school) as regular courses, courses in reduced frequency aor online at the universities  or research institutes.

System of postgraduate éducation in Romania

The postgraduate programs offered by the Romanian education system are:

  1. Post-PhD programs. With a minimum duration of one year;
  2. Studies of specialization, with a duration of two semesters or more;
  3. Training programs throughout life.

The Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (MECT) is the Romanian Ministry responsible for primary, secondary and higher education.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for working with the MECT to facilitate exchange programs in the field of education, as well as for foreign citizens the right conditions to study in Romania.

Education in Romania and European system of credit transfer

Romanian education programs organize specific activities of teaching, practical applications and exams  according to  the European System of credit transfer (ECTS):

  • The bachelor degree: at least 180 to 240 credits and transferable study, meaning that a Grade 60 credits.
  • The master's programs: between 90 and 120 credits, which means that one half is a number of 30 credits.
  • Entire length of the first cycle (undergraduate studies: bachelor) and the 2nd cycle (master studies) must be at least 300 transferable study credits.
  • Postgraduate specialization studies correspond to a minimum of two semesters and a minimum of 60 credits.
  • Training programs throughout life can also be organized according to ECTS.
  • Medical education programs  preparing a bachelor: 60 transferable study credits / year for 6 years, while the programs of medical studies correspond to master: credits between 60 credits/year for 2 years,  and Medical Education PhD  correspond to a total of 60/year for a period of more than 3  years of study.

  Degrees in university system of education in Romania

The qualifications of the higher education system are: diplomas, certificates, degrees and other official documents of state, special diet, confirming the higher education program and graduate professional qualifications.

  • Bachelor degree (BA);
  • Master's degree 
  • Degree of Doctor (Ph.D.). This is the highest academic degree awarded in all areas after 3-4 years of study and original research. It follows the first university degree (master). Is given the title of doctor in a certain field of science or the arts.


















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veterinary medicine in romania veterinary medicine abroad Study medicine abroad Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy Postgraduate Medical Study University of Arad University of Medicine Iasi Student accommodation in Romania