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Application deadline


The Application deadline  for the academical year 2013/2014 is open till 30 July.

The application deadline might be extended by the Ministry of Education and Research or by universities till 30 Augost, but we strongly advice you to apply early. In such way  you will have more chance to be admitted and we will have enough time to pre-process your application form and documents before handing them to the Ministry of Education and Research for consideration.

The successful late application candidates may result in late issuance of their acceptance letters extending till the beginning of October.

The medical faculties have two deadlines for the post-graduate studies: on 30th of November and another on 31st of March.There is non deadline for PhD applicants.

Foreign students, who have begun to study in their home country or in another country, can finish their studies in Romania. This  depends on each individual case, after the recognition and equivalence of diplomas.

Please, contact  the Romanian admission center for study for more inforemation!